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    i just want a guy who can make me laugh. not just a light laugh, but a belly grabbing, head thrown back, tears streaming down your face kind of laugh. i want someone to stare deep into my eyes and tuck my hair behind my ear, pull my chin closer and kiss me gently. i want someone who will drive over in the middle of the night when i’m having a bad day and just hold me while i cry. i want someone to explore with, someone to teach me, and someone who i can show new things to. i want someone to share inside jokes with. i want someone who will be my best friend too. i want someone who will always try to make me happy, even if it’s only the little things, but the ones that mean the most. i want someone to notice the little things. i want someone to love. i want the whole package. but most of all, i want someone who understands (and regularly checks) my tumblr. that’s true love.


    holy shit…


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    what i love most about this short scene is the difference between Darcy and Bingley. look at Darcy taking the lead, confident and determined to see Elizabeth, whereas Bingley seems so unsure, not of his feelings for Jane but of himself — look at how he clutches his hat bless him — and how Jane will respond to what he wants to say to her

    sometimes im like ? but most times im like ?????????

    writing tip #940:


    kill your main character. just do it. just go for it. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. no one will take you seriously unless everyone dies

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    Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.
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    Pride and Prejudice (2005): Costumes pt. I