There is nothing better than the moments leading up to kissing someone you like for the first time.

    [[seductively does nothing to indicate I’m attracted to you]]

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    maybe i just miss who u were. or who i thought u were. whatever


    If there is ever one of my post I want to reach people this is it: my cousin recently discovered this app called rise-up he recommended it to me because he saw my scars and he know I skip meals.

    Basically this app is a tracker and helps you plan your days gives you distractions and helps you stay calm when you want to purge or self harm

    It gives you a log you can check into , you check in an record your emotions and what you have done.

    It’s also gives you encouraging quote each time you open it, and if you are worried about family getting in you can get put in a pin (just make it something easy to remember.)

    You can also record what you want to eat or what you have ate it gives you more encouraging quotes.

    This can help you stay on track within your road to recovery or just help you start to get I touch which your problems.

    It would be nice if you could reblog even if it doesn’t go with your blog it could help someone to recover from there problems

    You can talk to me if you like, thank you if you liked or reblogged

    How do you just let go of someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with?